Covered from ever angle.

When you want the best at jib operating, count on the professionals at TSpann Video. We provide Jimmy Jib Triangles that range from 6 feet all the way out to 40 feet. We use top-of-the-line jib equipment and these jibs have been the industry standard for decades. We have managed to put Jibs in places others can only dream of and we always find a way to get the shot you envisioned.

Large multi-cam event? Covered. All jibs are outfitted with tally systems with optical sensors that use the tally of a standard truck camera to trigger a tally light for the operator to know when he/she is live. They also come with program monitors that show the line cut to help the operator frame his/her shot to blend beautifully with the other cameras.

Single cam shoot? Covered. All jibs come with film focus and zoom kits that can allow the jib to have full control over virtually any camera/lens with rods. Also, available are a series of battery packs that can keep the jibs and monitors operational without a power source for literally days.

Extra add-ons include:

Canon 4.5 Wide Angle HD Lens for 2/3” Chip Broadcast Cameras.

10” Prompter Monitor

360 Degree Dutch Head for cameras up to 25 lbs

120 Degree Dutch Head for cameras up to 50 lbs

Also Available

Hot Heads! We can now connect our jib heads to standard truss so you can use real cameras with real lenses as robotic cameras. No more settling for little robotic cameras that have to be shaded by the operator and never look quite as good as the other truck cameras. Now you can use a real truck camera as a robo and have pan, tilt, zoom, and focus control from over 200 ft away.

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